What kind of animal is a bicopter? - you may ask. This is an aircraft, with the number of rotors equal to two. The propellers are located on small wings on the sides. Have you watched Avatar? A similar technique is used there. It is similar, of course, to a quadrocopter, only that one has 4 screws.

And flying and driving it is very pleasant. The bicopter is stable, docile in control and moderately inert, so in any case it was programmed by the developers of this game. So, your car is at the start in a hovering position in front of the starting line. Next to you are the bicopters of the other three participants. Initially, all cars are equipped with the same equipment, but during the game, as you earn prize money (we hope that you will earn it), we recommend that you upgrade.

A little bit about race tactics. Since the bicopter is a flying car, and it has no grip on the track, it is necessary to prepare for maneuvers such as turning or overtaking in advance. A very important factor here is the trajectory of cornering. A well-adjusted, optimal trajectory will allow you to seize the championship, and, on the contrary, the flight aby kak, with periodic impacts on the windows or walls that limit the route, is unlikely to raise you above third place.

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