Original title Civi Battle. A game in which to field battles mixed with the mechanism of resource extraction based on the preparation of the lines of the icons corresponding to the elements. Production of wood, metal, gold, stone and other materials necessary for the construction and development of the army, is made by the player in the game three in a row.

The Game space is divided into 2 zones. The upper represents, in fact, the battlefield. The bottom is a field for resources and control of the army. Getting resources to lower field, you can train troops and send them into battle, whose purpose was to protect its own territory and to seize the possessions of the enemy, destroying his army.

The Conquest of territories is carried out gradually, you occupy the land of another Emperor, step by step. During the breaks you need to build in your city, the military and other structures that contribute to the modernization of the troops. Barracks, stables, forge — build all of this also requires resources. If you find a shortage, say of wood for the construction of the next module can be exchanged for other resources on the market. But watch out for balance — market prices extortionate and often, exchanging the stone on iron, for example, you output is not enough it stone.

Think, fight, move forward and become the Emperor of all the lands!

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