For guests and honeymooners, wedding — fun, festive event where a lot of gifts, entertainment and tasty, varied food. The newly made husband and wife decided to celebrate their wedding at an exclusive restaurant. But for the staff of the institution this day, though, and promise big profits, but also requires maximum dedication and complete calculations. Will operate as a waitress at a gala Banquet in honor of the wedding.

Welcome your guests, set them for the desired table, take brought gifts and hand them to the young. Next, take the food order and pass it to the kitchen. In cooking carry the tray to the guest. But that's not all. After the meal, guests usually want to dance — take them to the dance floor. Then your intervention is not required.

Thus, to provide full service to satisfy customers. Don't make them wait long, reacting to orders as quickly as possible. To bring, of course, it has to be that ordered guest, otherwise, your waitress will not see no money, no job. That is your business.

For those who have not figured out how to start: press the green pea on the cake.

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