The world was shocked by the first artillery war. The allied troops that are copied from the troops of France and Britain, and the troops of the invaders, sketched with the Second Reich, spill blood on the fields, hills, beaches, trenches, cities and many more where. Frontal attacks are useless, for the enemies fortifications and super-modern automatic weapons, but both sides have vundervaffe, God of War vehicles, artillery howitzers.

You command the gunner, and Your job is to pulverize the enemy's garrison, if they fill up with debris or are they broken on the ground, that counts too! Enemies must fall under Your artillery pressure. To fire just pull back on the plunger with the clamped mouse and then release it. The more stretched the piston, the farther the projectile will fly. Use cunning ballistic calculations and simple attacks to win. The Empire is counting on You!

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Games for tablet and smartphone

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