Arkanoid is a small but one of the most ancient class of games originated in the early days of computer game development. In all the breakout you meet the racket with a ball (or a ball), or otherwise stylized, and the same type of problem solved by the player. This jump ball between your paddle and the wall of blocks that you must smash to successful completion. Every impact of the ball on the block, or completely eliminates it or decreases its durability by 1 (there are options).

With the elimination of some blocks in their place may arise and to fall down in the direction of your racket, blocks-phantoms that carry either helpful or harmful properties. Catching a block with the racket, or you will get an additional advantage, for example, in a ball of fire, sweeping away all the blocks on your way. Or, if the unit is harmful, will shorten the life of your racket.

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