A certain character tells about his love for Paris, as one of the most wonderful cities in Europe. He tells what pleasant memories the French capital left in his memory every time after traveling with his family. After informing us about the recent purchase of an apartment in Paris, the character immediately shows us it. And what do we see?..

Either after the move, or for some other reason, but this apartment is the most terrible bedlam. Although, it can be worse, of course. And all this is probably done solely to make it harder for you to search for items that the game task requires you to do. Look carefully at the list of things you need to find, and they are presented here in the form of pictures, which saves you from messing with the dictionary. Then start your search.

Explore every corner of the room with all the scrupulousness and try to find everything. If all items are found, move to another room. You have the opportunity to use hints( Hint), you never know, suddenly jammed...

It's a pity, of course, they started talking about Paris, but you won't see the city itself, and there is something to see there. And so it turns out and themselves in the room and the game is there. But, who likes what?

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