The game begins with a character named Timothy complaining about beingframed. Until two weeks ago, Timothy's life was serene: he worked well and lived happily, until a large sum of money was lost on the farm where he worked — all the farm's revenue for a month.

Framedconsisted in the fact that Timothy's colleagues blamed him for the loss of finances, and they accused him completely baselessly. Since then, the hero of the game went on the run, because he is wanted by the police. He calls you to his aid, and this is his message.

You know I'm innocent, don't you?! My dear colleagues framed me, somehow imprinting my fingers on the safe of the company from which the money disappeared. The police now consider me the prime suspect in this case. But I'm not a thief! Please help me gather evidence so that I can prove my case.

Well, get down to business and find everything you need. A list of items that Timothy asks you to find, you will find at the bottom of each picture, on which you will conduct a search. You will have to work hard, because all the required items are scattered around the location and disguised among other things.

And okay in the yard, in the second episode you will have to look in the car. That's where the real mess is. It's like a hurricane has passed through here! But you really try to find everything! If you complete the search and find everything you need, Timothy will present you with a bonus game.

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