Flash hunting the vampires in the Gothic soundtrack. It's been many years since Dracula died the second time, a descendant of Abraham van Helsing continues the glorious work of exterminating the vampires. Grandfather left 99 consecrated aspen stake, whether this will be enough to clear Transylvania of over two hundred vampires?

In this game you need to solve a logical task for the extermination of vampires. If you get the vampire at his feet, he almost takes no damage. For hitting the vampire in the head, you will receive one bonus number and deal more damage (in fact you are not wasting supplies).

When these reach a vampire's heart (in the trunk), you will receive as many as 3 bonus stake, and the enemy will be instantly killed. Using the mouse you can drag your crossbow in an accessible area. It is very important to choose the right procedure for the killing, otherwise the structure will protect the vampires from your shots.

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Games for tablet and smartphone

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