Controlled skidding-balancing on the verge of failure, a significant advantage in passing sharp turns and turns. This is drift, gentlemen and ladies! In this 3D race, you need to learn how to use this tactical maneuver to get around your opponents. How? Let's get this straight.

So, your car is rushing forward, and there, ahead of a long turn, and when you approach it, it becomes clear that you will not be able to overcome it without losing speed. An attempt to force a curve at full speed does not promise anything other than a collision with a bump or departure from the track. There are two options: either slow down and crawl through the turn like a turtle, or use a drift technique. The first option is safer, but this is a race, friends, and any loss of speed will throw you far back from the peleton. It remains the second — drift! The loss of pace will be insignificant, and with skillful actions, collisions will be avoided.

Enter the car into a skid by pressing the space bar. By the way, the car here is controlled exclusively by keyboard keys (arrows): right-left — turns, forward-backward-gas and brake. When approaching a turn at speed, press the spacebar and the car will start drifting. You don't need to hold the space bar, just keep using the arrows.

When you learn how to enter the car into the drift in a timely manner and get out of it in time, the race will end exclusively with a podium for you. Start the engine, let's go!

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