Solitaire the Three Towers also calledThree peaks is the cards laid out on the table at the beginning of the pickup. The three pyramids or the peak must be disassembled during the game. Cards are removed by the rule of alternation: for the nine put ten or an eight, six — five or seven and so on. The deck of support cards at the bottom of the table is not infinite, and if it ends, and you failed to dismantle the pyramid, it's game over — start again. The suit does not matter. In this game many levels, but the game rules are the same for all. Having examined the first level with six towers, start the level with three towers and continue to unfold. Solving the problem of the second solitaire, move on to the third and so on until you expand all the levels. With the layout You get a bonus for speed, therefore it is in Your best interest to pick up the card faster.

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Games for tablet and smartphone

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