Pioneer camps (those who caught them should remember), was so much fun. After lights out, late in the evening or even at night, one squad made their way to the room where the others slept and smeared them with toothpaste. In the morning all were laughing! Yes, it was fun. In this toy main participants are not pioneers, but already quite adult guys who have decided to remember his youth and to smear each other toothpaste. In this flash game You can play alone or together with a friend. Your task is properly evaluating the distance to the enemy and the strength of the wind, step on a tube of toothpaste so that the toothpaste has a clean shot at the opponent. It will be difficult, believe me, but interesting! By the way, in the camp, sometimes after a clerical prayer, stabbing the pillow, and the feathers clung to everything that had been plastered. Counselors then terribly cursed!

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Games for tablet and smartphone

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