This game could be described as something like a Mythical era: the forgotten scrolls, but we called it differently because it's too colorful protagonist. This story happened a long time ago, more precisely when is unknown, but clearly before the destruction of the Alexandrian Library. One day a great sage came back from a great adventure and found a secret room with some very valuable scrolls. He decided to share the knowledge with all people in the Kingdom.

Aim with the mouse and drop it, let will leave nobody offended. Sorry, to throw at people, not rock, bounce. That's what people used to be!

In the scrolls (and maybe still is a rolling pin?) contained a small hint. The red trajectory of the shot shows the exact direction, so that when reducing or increasing the power scroll will fly exactly as specified, with the exception of ricochets and other calamities.

We Wonder if these ancient people to read, or the scrolls they need in order to go to the latrine? Is it because they have not reached to our time?

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Games for tablet and smartphone

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